Season One

Audio Smut launches its first season as a radio show all grown up. We are introducing a new, shorter, tighter format.


A “lovemap” is a term coined by Psychologist and Sexologist, John Money, which boils down to a “map” of what we like, who we like, and how we like it. Money’s theory is that we all have one.

Getting By

Homelessness isn’t really something that can be easily defined. Sometimes people make the choice to be homeless; sometimes they have no choice. In this episode, we have three situations from three very different people about how they managed to get by.

Happens to the Best of Us

This is Audio Smut’s approach to the realities of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). In this episode, there will be no doctors, no textbooks, and no high school volleyball coaches trying to scare you out of having sex. Just real people sharing real experiences.


The topic of babies is a subject we’ve accidentally avoided on Audio Smut until now. This episode explores a personal account of an orgasmic birth, an anarchist birth, and a birth — and future births — possibly intercepted by the U.S. Government.


We explore the mechanics, ethics, and arrangements of having multiple sex partners. Audio Smut Producer, Kaitlin, includes a personal story about her free-lovin’ ways.


We tackle one of the biggest taboos of human functions: poo. We eat food everyday and eventually that food has to come out. It’s quite common for people to have hang-ups around anything that has to do with butts, especially in relation to sex. So here we go, boldly going where (almost) no (wo)man has gone before.

The Sensorium

We explore new ways of experiencing sensations and revive the senses that are often ignored or taken for granted.