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My Natural Pocket

Behold the almighty power of the V. Vaginas can hold the largest and smallest of objects with barely the slightest uncomfort. So it just makes sense to stash your weed in there.

The Porning News

This is Audio Smut’s porning news. Bringing you the latest and breaking news of all your favorite porn players.
On this edition we talk to Courtney Trouble and Dylan Ryan.

To Nora

In 1909, James Joyce wrote his wife, Nora Barnacle, a series of very sexy letters. While her side of the correspondence has been lost, we still have Joyce’s letters–and they’re really good. In this quickie, we’re reading you one of our favorites.

A Valentine

Do you believe in true love? Does it really exist, or is it just a mythology made up by Hollywood? How would you define true love? Jonathan Goldstein shares his thoughts on this Valentine’s Day special.

Afternoon Delight

This quickie is a story — a lovemap, if you will — of how Kaitlin manages to be such a productive person.

Yellow Jumpsuit

A coming-of-age, virginity story disguised under a 1990s Adidas jumpsuit.

Movie Night

When surfing the Casual Encounters section on Craigslist, one must be prepared to be turned on — even more so when there’s the prospect of meeting in person. Join Audio Smut as we go to the movies with two people who met through the Craigslist classifieds.

The Wrath of the Potluck

The takeaway from this episode: never mix Mexican + Indian cuisine with sexual pleasure — especially with one of your BFF’s sister.

Mozart Dirty Talk

Listen to the timeless classics by Mozart. We’re not talking about musical composition classics, but rather, dirty talk that the Composer wrote to his cousin, Maria Anna. A surprising letter from Mozart.