Fu*k Love

We gathered at UnionDocs for the debut of SEASON 2 with the episode, FU*K LOVE. Hosts Mitra & Kaitlin narrated and mixed the episode live to a dimly lit full house. The stories served as a Valentine’s Day detox as we took a critical look at romantic love.

Festival Internazionale

Audio Smut goes to ITALY to present our work at MONDOASCOLTI, the audio portion of the festival, curated by Jonathan Zenti of AUDIODOC.

Sex Education

Watch and listen to Audio Smut’s approach to Sex-Education, featuring highlights from our live performance, “SEX-ED: The Class You *Wish* You Took,” hosted at SHAG.

The Sensorium

Audio Smut invites you to rouse your libido through the senses. Our live event, “SENSORED: Storytelling Through the Senses,” hosted at SHAG included an evening of blindfolded, sensory experiences that explored what tastes, smells, and tactile sensations drive you to your sexual peak.

Penn Hills Resort

Audio Smut revives the abandoned lovers’ resort and turns it into an indulgent theatre experience in collaboration with WANDERLUST PROJECTS, in a piece entitled “The Illicit Couple’s Retreat.”

Radio Party

Storytelling, scavenging & snitching through sound at SHAG, featuring two-time MOTH StorySlam winner LORI BAIRD.

The Audible Picture Show

Listen to 2 years worth of tape documenting the major love affair between Kyle and Kaitlin. Hosted at Brooklyn’s reRun Theater and curated by The Audible Picture Show, an international “moving museum” of short audio works created to be enjoyed exclusively in dark cinemas.

Smut on the Can

These are the sounds we play in bathrooms and events — of people getting it on — all in the name of Art.