The Sensorium

We welcome you to the Sensorium. A sonic celebration of sensation.

What is the Sensorium?  The Sensorium is the classification of sense perception.  That is a bit of a mouthful, but have you ever considered living in a world where your interactions were not limited to or governed through the 5 senses of sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch?  There are societies and places around the world that don’t think about the intake of information this way.  Even in western society things used to be different.  Today, sight is valued above all else.  Studies show that we take in 70% of our information through our eyes.  Not surprising since we live in a visual culture.  In this episode, Audio Smut invites you to give your eyes a break from seeing, and to listen instead.  In the age of visualism, we brave radio.

 Piece 1: Sensual Memory

When you’re in a state of sexual ecstasy or minor sexual arousal, does the world around you become more vivid, more rich?  On a boat at the Boatel Marina in Far Rockaway, NY, a few queer artists were asked to recall a sexual experience.  Not necessarily their favorite, but one that often comes to mind.  They were asked to describe everything they felt during that experience in vivid details.  Then they were asked to describe the setting — the light, the air, the textures.  As you listen to these short vignettes, a sense of the character of these encounters will emerge.

Piece 2: That Smell
“The first time I tasted her was the first time I felt like I could know her.”  Rae spends her entire day relishing and reliving the sensation of going down on her girl.  After she’s down, face buried all morning, she spends the rest of the day rediscovering the lingering smell.

Piece 3: Sensual Solutions
Trish McEvoy, the founder of Sensual Solutions, describes the experiences that inspired her to start her business.  Trish dated a paraplegic man for several years.  She was inspired by his ability to adapt to his limited sense of touch below the waist.  Trish was frustrated by her experience working as a booking agent at an escort agency when a man with cerebral palsy called, hoping to plan a special time for his birthday.  None of the girls were able to help him.  After years of research, Trish quit her job at the agency and started her own.  Sensual Solutions is an escort service specializing in services for people with disabilities.  It’s a mixture of sex work and sex therapy, with an emphasis on helping people develop their sexual awareness so they can live healthy sex lives.

If you’d like to sample the episode before you go all the way, take a listen to a shorter version of “Sensual Solutions”:

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This show was produced by Mitra Kaboli, Kaitlin Prest, Candince Vallantin, Rae Dooley and Sharona B.

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