Love Letters

Love letters…..long or short stretches of text that carry in them the contents of our hearts. Even though we have the internet now…people still write letters. Like vinyl or film cameras or books letters have transcended into the category of things we do simply because they feel good.
We write to send a tiny piece of ourselves to someone far away…we write because we want to linger in the thought of someone, the feeling of them. We write because we want to say something altogether too sweet, too heartfelt to bare witnessing the reaction. We write to say something hard. We write so that someone can receive an unexpected gift. In this episode, we read people’s most precious letters.


Love Letter Spirit Guide
An interview with Janet Gallin, letter writer extraordinaire. Brought to us by Lina Misitzis.

Violets and Strawberries
A pair of letters bookend the episode. One to Gwen, a 39 year old French Canadian. One to Becca a 21 year old Jewish American. This correspondence was discovered at the Lesbian Herstory Archives in Park Slope New York, in a box accompanied by a feather and a necklace. They were originally written between 1980-1982.

Lust in the Post
Ashleyanne Krigbaum tells us the story of falling in love with her favourite comic book artist. They wrote pages and pages and pages of letters to one another, but they ran into troubles when the relationship needed to leap from the page into real life. She shares their raunchiest and loveliest letters, and ponders about why it fell apart.

Kaitlin and Sharon are not “friends with benefits” in the traditional meaning of the phrase. Though there is plenty of romance
and eroticism in their friendship, they have never crossed the line physically. When Sharon embarks on an epistolary love affair with a man
named Harry, her friendship with Kaitlin is shaken and the two women explore the ambiguities between them.

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