Coming of Age

This episode is about growing up, becoming an adult, entering a stage of independence: shaving cream, tampons, driving, voting, doing your own dishes, doing your own taxes and sex. This episode will take you on a path of rituals, formal or otherwise. Imagine a caterpillar. It is reaching that time in a caterpillars life where it’s time to grow some wings and fly. So the caterpillar makes a cocoon and hangs out in there for a while. One day the cocoon bursts open and a beautiful butterfly comes out. This episode is about the joys and terrors of the cocoon phase. Not a girl, not yet a woman.


Ripped Stockings

Harvey Katz is the Athen’s Boys Choir. But before he was able to come out as a man, he had to become a woman. We chronicle and juxtapose the various rites of passage that Harvey has gone through in the past 30 odd years: culottes, a hurricane, getting on a stage & shaving.

To listen, buy and/or book Harvey go to

An Adult Like Prince

Kaleigh Trace grew up in rural Ontario. A place with few formalized rituals, just a lot of booze, sex, bonfires and farms. Just like most of us, when she was in high school, she was awkward and uncomfortable. She wanted to be an adult but didn’t really know how. She loved listening to Prince. Prince’s songs are about sex, so Kaleigh danced around listening to Prince, trying to figure out sex.

For more stories from Kaleigh, check out her first creative, non-fiction book “Hot, Wet & Shaking: How I Learned To Talk About Sex.” Which will be released in the summer of 2014. It will be available at independent and chain retailers in Canada, and through Amazon. The book will be touring in September through New York, Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada. Stay tuned at Invisible Publishing for dates!

This story was produced with the help of Veronica Simmonds. Check out her rad radio show called BRAIDIO.


That time when I was 12 when my mom baked me a cake because I started my period

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