A Valentine

Everyone I (Kaitlin) know cringes at the mention of Valentine’s Day. A hallmark holiday to be sure. The red, the roses, the chocolates…it’s a little bit gross. I understand. However, if you know me, you know that despite all of this, I love Valentine’s Day. I have always thought of Valentine’s Day as a great excuse. An excuse to be excited about love all day long. An excuse to cut out little hearts and write things that you like about people on them. An excuse to kiss a stranger on the subway. An excuse to send all of you a radio valentine.

My love for Valentine’s day comes from my general love of…love. But I assure you, I am simultaneously a romantic and a skeptic. And so I find myself asking people all the time: “Do you believe in true love?” I want to know if it really exists, or if the mythology about it was made up by Hollywood. Do other people know it’s real? What is it exactly? One of these conversations happened over whiskey with a man named Jonathan Goldstein. And it just so happens that his answer was one that stayed with me, as the most insightful answer I’ve gotten so far.

P.S: this is totally unrelated, but Jonathan Goldstein, as far as Mitra and I are concerned, is one of the best radio producers in the world.

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