Audio Smut is a radio show about your body, your heart and your junk.

This sexual diary is a sonic adventure into hyper-personal storytelling. Our mission is to initiate open dialogues about sexuality and portray a diverse range of sexual experiences.

The show was created in 2006 by a group of Montreal sex workers for McGill University’s CKUT 90.3. Over the years and over the shifts in collective members, Audio Smut is this little podcast that you are hearing now. The show still airs on CKUT 90.3 on the first Wednesday of every month, in addition to our monthly air on NYC-based BBOX Radio the first Sunday of the month.

We mostly make radio, but sometimes we do other things. We use audio as the foundation for other art projects: events (radio parties), performances and installations. We teach community radio workshops and offer radio training in exchange for volunteer hours. We welcome new producers and contributors, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We are a dedicated group of artists, activists, producers, writers and designers. We are queer, we are feminist, and we are badass. If you have any other questions about who we are and what we stand for, listen to the show.

Kaitlin Prest
Co-Executive Producer
Kaitlin Prest is obsessed with radio. She works at The Life of the Law podcast, and is one of three Creative Directors of the Radio Cabaret. Her freelance work has been broadcasted on NPR’s Snap Judgment, PRX’s Remix radio, Radiophonic Creation Day and was the winner of the 2010 NCRA award for Outstanding Achievement in Documentary.

Mitra Kaboli
Co-Executive Producer
Mitra Kaboli is a freelance multi-media Producer, working for Nowhere Magazine, a journal of literary travel musings. She has a BA with distinction from Montreal’s Concordia University in Creative Writing and her audio work has been featured on WBAI, Public Remix Radio, and NPR San Francisco’s Snap Judgement. She has been with Audio Smut since 2010.

Jen Ng
Events Coordinator
Jen Ng is a kid at heart who turns into a giddy 5-year-old at sights of glittery objects and French bulldogs. She enjoys creative projects involving graphic design, smut-driven storytelling, and social justice work for LGBT communities, youth empowerment, and women’s advocacy (Willie Mae Rock Camp For Girls, BUST Magazine, RightRides). A rover in spirit, Jen is grounded by her excessive and shameless use of Google Docs—the sharing of them and the creation of spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations.