A Review on Adult Web Series: Sex Education [NETFLIX]

While we really needed an informative documentary of sex education that would create awareness among teenagers, Netflix served us with something similar and yet very different. Sex Education is a satirical approach to talk about the common issues among the youth and spread awareness in a meaningful way.

Sex Education by Netflix was released in 2019 as a comedy-teen drama revolving around a protagonist named Otis (Asa Butterfield) whose mother, Jean, is a sex therapist. Otis grows up in an environment where sex is a general topic to talk about. He is completely comfortable talking about sex and is unaware of how it is taboo outside his household. The web series contains plenty of sexual material that may appear to divert the viewers from the main issue, but the producers of Sex Education have maintained a balance between providing entertainment and knowledge. They have also made it hilarious to watch how the life of a teenager revolves around the hormonal changes’ fears and curiosity. The first season of Sex Education is about Otis’s journey, realizing that he knows a lot about sex than his fellow schoolmates, even though he is still a virgin. He starts his own secret sex therapy clinic at the school, where he solves the problems of young teenagers and answers their innocent questions.


The best parts of Sex Education is how they manage to pull off important topics of awareness and present it in an interesting manner that will probably not offend any parents whose kids are watching the series. Also, the series depicts the frustrations and desires of young adults in a fun and interactive way. As an adult, you may feel the nostalgia remembering about your teenage years when you faced the same issues related to sex.


Sex Education is a teen comedy-drama that takes major issues of sex education and awareness. However, there are many instances throughout the series that may be a bit too much for young adults to handle. Some of the scenes from Sex Education may seem offensive and crude to the viewers who want to ensure that their kids are not watching something too explicit. If the explicit scenes are not something you can tolerate, Sex Education is not for you as you may get overwhelmed with some of the episodes.

Overall, Sex Education is a fun and informative series to watch on Netflix. There are plenty of instances when Otis digs deep into young teenagers’ issues and helps them find the right solutions. Some of the problems may also be relatable to the viewers in real life. The series may also help the teenagers solve their own problems if they face difficulty in sharing their haunting secrets with their parents. The best way to find whether you like the series or not is to watch the trailer today or follow it up with binge-watching the entire first season.

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